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NFL Raffle Ticket Activation & Rules

You will get $20 raffle tickets in the amount you paid for.  You can sell these or keep them for yourself BUT MAKE SURE YOU ACTIVATE THEM either way!

Rules of the Raffle

Each raffle ticket has two randomly generated teams listed for each of the 17 regular season weeks in the NFL season. Both teams must play to be elegible to win, and each ticket will have one "bye" week (therefore each ticket is elegible to win 16 of the 17 weeks of the regular NFL season).  The total points scored by your two teams each week equal your score for that week.


The highest scoring ticket each week wins $50.

The lowest scoring ticket at the end of the season wins $500!


Ideas to help you sell your tickets

1. Contact family and friends around the country and state; no need to be present to win!

2. Walk around our Water Bug shows or help sell tickets in concessions

3. Bring tickets to Jammin' on Janesville - contact Jenni for more info

4. Bring them to events all summer: Summerfest, State Fair, water ski tournaments,

    Tichigan, the Muskego Parade...the possibilties are endless!

5. Contact our sponsors you sold ads to - offer to sell to them/employees or ask to

    display a sign with your contact info.

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