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Complete items 1-6 to become a member!  
1. Fill out Membership Application, Experience Form & Emergency Contact Form
2. Renew Membership or get your initial Membership - USA Water Ski and WWSF
3. Pay Team Dues
  • $175/ skier; $85/each add’l skiing family member
  • $25/non-skier
  • Send to Water Bugs Ski Club, PO Box 111 Muskego WI 53150
  • Pay via Venmo@MuskegoWaterBugs
  • Pay via check payable to Muskego Water Bugs and send/give to Ryan Krueger, Treasurer
4. Complete Fundraising Requirements
  • $500 per skiing member; max of $1,000 per family
    • Family is defined as parent(s) and student college age and younger ​
  • 75% of program book ads or other sponsorships are applied to fundraising goal
  • 5% of Kwik Trip gift cards sold (10% during September & February) 
  • Complete a min. of 5 Service hours 
    • Service hours include but are not limited to:
      • Pier installation/removal

      • Shed Spring or Fall clean-up

      • Volunteering at one of the many events or fundraisers we host

  • Sell 20 of the Season Raffle tickets. Max 40 per family

  • Volunteer to work on July 3rd - parking cars, clean up crew, whatever else we decide to do
  • Fundraising for all members must be completed (or plan established for completing fundraising) before first water practice
5. First year members
  • Dues $175/skier; $25/non-skiing member

  • $200 fundraising/ $300 max per family  

  • Volunteer for 3 hours of club service

6. Membership Details

  • Each skiing member must be able to ski on 2 skis

  • Each skiing member must be able to swim

  • All members 14 years and under must have one parent/guardian present whenever participating in practice or a show

  • The parent must be a Water Bugs member and have USA Waterski membership 

  • Team communication is done primarily through email. 

If you have questions, please email them to
Who are we?
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